Profiling - Season 5

Profilage - Saison 5

SERIES 12 x 52' in a series totalizing 54 episodes
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation


When an intuitive profiler teams up with a tough homicide cop. A suspenseful and fast-paced series, based on actual criminal cases.

Directed by

Alexandre Laurent (The Mantis, "Le secret d'Elise" remake of The Oaks/Marchlands)


Odile Vuillemin (Profiling)
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)


Stéphane Marsil - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Chloe has come back to life and adopted little Lili. She invests all her energy into balancing life as a mother with her commitment to increasingly demanding investigations.

When a rich businessman falls head over heels in love with her, it seems like Chloe has finally found happiness. But fate comes knocking at Chloe’s door, forcing her to confront the worst enemy she has ever faced: herself.

Meanwhile, Rocher falls into the trap of a dangerous psychopath while saving his sister’s life. Who will be there to save Chloe from her inner demons?



Episode 43: ONE FOR ALL
The body of a young woman is found dismembered. Her murderer took care to send all of her body parts out to addresses all over France.
The victim, 22-year old Violette Grimal, was living with her younger sister Eglantine. The criminal brigade finds Eglantine alone in their apartment, giving birth. The leads to find Violette’s killer are weak, especially since her sister refuses to reveal the father of her child. A mysterious man she seems to fear, and who could well be the key to the investigation.
After a year-long break, Lamarck comes back to the team. Chloe settles into her new life with her little adopted daughter Lili and her mother, with whom she is reunited after 20 years of absence.

Episode 44: RUSSIAN DOLL
Seventy-year old Georges Vitalis abducts and attempts to kill Alice, the daughter of his future son in law, but is arrested just in the nick of time by Rocher and his team. Soon after, Natalia Volodia, a prostitute who had just arrived from the Ukraine, is found murdered in the old man’s apartment.
What is the link between the murder of a Ukrainian prostitute and a grandfather who is beginning to show signs of senility? The criminal brigade investigates the family of this unusual suspect and soon finds out that in many ways, his future son in law is not necessarily the good man he seems to be.
The new criminologist Adele has joined the team for good, but has a tough time fitting in with her unconventional methods.

Episode 45: CAMERA FACE
A team of journalists has been given authorization to film Rocher and his team at work on a case. When they discover the dead body of Jessica Serrano, a waitress who was hiding several thousand Euros in cash in her apartment, Chloe is surprised to run into Joseph, a autistic genius she met a few years back in a psychiatric hospital. A brilliant mathematician, Joseph is none other than the No. 1 suspect of the investigation being filmed up close and personal with our heroes.

Episode 46: ON THE LIST
A student opens fire for more than an hour on his fellow college students, and films the massacre on his cell phone. Rocher worries about not being able to find the crime weapon, but the end of the video shows the shooter being stopped by a professor, who then cold-bloodedly kills him with the weapon before running away. Why did this university teacher, who had already resolved the situation, suddenly turn into a murderer? Thus begins Chloe’s analysis of one the most complex profiles she has ever faced.
Meanwhile, Chloe meets a powerful businessman who asks her to help find his runaway daughter. Rocher continues his descent into hell with Volker, the perverse inmate who says he is willing to donate his kidney to save the life of Rocher’s sister.

Episode 47: STORMS – PART ONE
While Chloe meets her former professor and mentor at a criminology conference in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Rocher is dealing with the murder of a young babysitter who was beaten to death. The investigation turns out to be much more personal than it would seem, with unexpected consequences that create tangles in Rocher’s family ties. Stormy weather for Chloe as well, when the conference turns into a blood bath. Stuck on the little French island during a record storm, the criminologists are dropping like flies, and no one can figure out who the killer is.

Episode 48: STORMS – PART TWO
Adele joins the team to help clear charges against Chloe, who has been charged with murdering all the criminologists at the conference in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. The situation, which is far from enchanting for everyone involved, turns tragic when the team succeeds in identifying the scheming villain who framed Chloe. The department’s worst demons return to haunt our investigators. Will Adele be able to take it?

Episode 49: PREDATORS
An extremely troubled young woman comes in to file rape charges with absolutely no memory of what happened the night before. She seems to have been drugged, then woke up naked in her bed at home. Chloe and Rocher take the case seriously, until they find out the young woman has already filed dozens of similar charges, each without a shred of evidence of an aggressor. Chloe sets out to understand what could be hiding behind the so-called lies of a woman who no one believes anymore.

Episode 50: IN BETWEEN
Chloe and Rocher rush onto the scene of a crime: an apartment where EMTs have found the corpse of a young athletics teacher who has been castrated.
Chloe is questioning the psychological implications of this act, when they hear a sound in the apartment. Rocher pulls out his weapon, and the whole team watches as the victim’s young roommate comes out naked and drugged, after being locked up in a closet.
The investigation looks into a young woman who seems to have had a vendetta against men in general, and against the highly seductive athletics instructor in particular. But Chloe’s theory is confirmed when Hyppolite succeeds in following the lead of a young woman seen exiting the victim’s apartment building at dawn. A lead that puts the investigators on the path of a young woman who was raped by her father and hid the incestuous child in a remote house out in the country.

Chloe and Rocher get an urgent call to a freeway rest stop, where witnesses saw a woman try to get out of a car trunk, only to be beaten and forced back into the trunk by the driver. They find the car crashed into a nearby tree. The driver, a repeat murderer of women, fresh out of prison, was killed in the accident. His victim, a completely traumatized German woman, has no idea where she is or why she was abducted. But as the investigation unfolds, public opinion will turn on her, breeding outrage and revealing the poor woman in a new light.

A young woman is hit in the middle of the night by the utility van of a forest ranger. She was running breathlessly in the middle of the forest, half-naked and covered in blood. Blood that isn’t her own... Hyppolite identifies the probable location from which the young woman was fleeing: a long-abandoned manor house. When Chloe and Rocher visit it, they understand the residence probably hosted some very special parties under the direction of the Marquis de Sade. Evidence seems to show that the last of these parties degenerated into murder.

Episode 53: ALWAYS
Hyppolite is about to get married in a country church.The priest and guests are there, everyone is ready.Except for his bride Jessica, who keeps everyone waiting. Finally, she calls it off with Hyppolite by telephone, at the last minute. Faced with her friend’s despair, Fred makes the snap decision to convince him to marry her! They are made for each other and they know it.So the whole team attends Hyppolite and Fred’s wedding. But at the end of the ceremony, Fred is brutally stabbed.
Thirty-six hours earlier: Chloe, Rocher and Fred show up in a cemetery.During the burial of a young woman, her husband, wild with grief, succeeds in opening up the casket - only to reveal a plastic mannequin in the place of his wife’s body. Organ trafficking? Necrophilia? The team pursues the investigation with great determination, not knowing it will lead them to the edge of the abyss.

Episode 54: FOREVER
Chloe and Rocher have managed to identify the man responsible for the disappearance of five women considered dead at the hospital, as well as the brutal attack on Fred: Doctor Tobias Roze. Rocher’s secret is discovered; his relationship with Hyppolite gets tense.
For Chloe, the only way to get information out of Roze is to destabilize one of his disciples in his presence. So Chloe and Rocher organize a confrontation in prison. Nothing happens as planned. They find themselves plunged into a sea of mutiny orchestrated by Roze. But the 800 prisoners aren’t their only enemies; without her medicine, Chloe lives in constant risk of having a violent psychotic fit.



• Season 5 is the highest-rated season on TF1 prime time
• Up to 8.2 Million viewers
• Outstanding Average market share: 30%
• + 4% (300.000 viewers) vs Season 4

Top Record on CATCH-UP TV with up to 1 million viewers per episode.

Sold into 83 Territories including
*Germany – Prosiebensat.1, Italy – Fox Crime, Russia, Israël, Brazil, Central Europe, Latin America...


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