Buddies, Lovers... Dramas - Season 4

Mes amis, mes amours, mes emmerdes - Saison 4

SERIES 8 x 52' in a series totalizing 26 episodes



Directed by

Christophe Douchand (R.I.S)


Florence Pernel (The Conquest, A Mother's Fight, A Case for a Woman)
Bruno Madinier (Buddies, lovers... dramas, White Hands, The Avignon Prophecy, Dolmen)
Bernard Yerlès (Buddies, Lovers... Dramas, Foreign Investigations)
Anne Charrier (Just a Gigolo, The Crows, Crime Squad)
Elise Tielrooy (The Avignon Prophecy)
Stéphane de Groodt


Sama Productions

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77

In this new season, our friends have gone through a lot in the past two years. Fred is a single father again. Marie and Francois are young parents at age 45. Caro is turning over a new leaf by returning to the nursing career she gave up 25 years ago. But all that’s nothing compared to Olivier’s determination to change everything: he wants to divorce Caro and move to some remote destination! What’s with the dramatic upheaval? Could his decision hide something irreversible? Could the return of their friend Maud, Fred’s first true love, explain all these resolutions? Will the gang of five stay “friends for life”?



Episode 19: Turning the Page
The night of his surprise birthday party, Olivier announces he has decided to move far away and leaves in two weeks. Why so suddenly? His best friend Fred tries to understand, but can’t seem to get a clear explanation out of Olivier. Totally upset, his wife Caro suffers the blow, and then takes action. Olivier has initiated divorce proceedings. She goes all out to win her husband back. Meanwhile, Francois and Marie are going through a rocky period of their relationship since the birth of Leon, their two-year old son. What future lies ahead for our group of friends?

Episode 20: A Tough Morning
Olivier dies from a ruptured aneurysm. Everyone does their best to get through the pain. Caro deals with her suffering through her work as a nurse. She also tries to understand what was really going on when Olivier met up with Maud, Fred’s ex. Fred is living life to the hilt and spending too much money. To pay off his debts, he has started doing escort services. Marie is going all out to defend Audrey, a city employee who has accused the Mayor of sexual harassment. Francois is trying to deal with the return of his mother Nicky, who has invited herself to their home for an indefinite stay.

Episode 21: Only One Person Missing
While her friends are still in shock from Olivier’s sudden death, Caro seems to have courageously faced the loss and is doing well. A little too well, a little too soon? She devotes herself to her nursing work around the clock. At the hospital, Caro’s daughter Juliette discovers her mother’s secret. Caro has developed a relationship with Benjamin, a patient who received a heart transplant the day Olivier’s heart was removed.

Episode 22: Blood Ties
While in the process of adopting Nathalie’s son Romain, Fred learns he is the biological father of Paloma, Maud’s 28-year old daughter. The news turns his family life upside down. Caro feels powerless to solve problems with her daughter, after finding her at the hospital in the arms of her department head, with whom Caro is in constant conflict. Despite the opposition of her boss, Marie files a lawsuit against the Mayor. The affair between Fred’s stepson Romain and Francois’ daughter Gloria causes complications in Francois and Fred’s relationship.

Episode 23: Traveling under Pressure
After suffering a Quincke’s edema, Francois thinks he is allergic to his mother. Francois’s attitude of avoidance makes Fred think Francois may have caught Caro and Fred in the act while they were spending the previous night together. Marie, worried about her husband, hides the fact that she is actively pursuing her case against the Mayor. But how will everyone manage to keep all these secrets over the weekend they will be spending together by the sea, on the trip Olivier organized just before he died?

Episode 24: Surprising Revelations
In a video, Olivier confesses that he was the reason for Maud and Fred’s separation 28 years ago. He tells Caro and their friends to create new lives for themselves. Seeing images of Olivier alive is a huge shock to everyone. Caro can’t seem to get over it. She looks for proof that Olivier knew he was going to die. Fred wants to get involved in the life of Paloma, the daughter he had with Maud. Marie forces her boss Garriver to let her see her case against the Mayor through to the end. Francois, caught up in Nicky’s health issues, still knows nothing about the case. Francois also doesn’t notice that Gloria is suffering from her break-up with Romain, who left her for someone else.

Episode 25: The Harder You Fall
Fred feels like he has lost both of his sons: Tim has tried to set the house on fire, and Romain has agreed to be officially recognized as the son of his biological father. Fred fights like mad to win them back. Caro is back in full swing, preparing her case for the disciplinary commission, but lacks strong objective evidence to defend her position at the hospital. As her court date approaches, Marie holds out despite thinly-veiled threats from the Mayor. Meanwhile, Francois has discovered the danger his wife and son are in, and has decided to do something about it. But is it too late?

Episode 26: A New Life
Marie kicks Francois out of the house and finds herself alone with Leon. Caro suspects that her friend’s strong behavior is a front for hidden suffering. But at home and work alike, Marie refuses help from everybody. Francois is devastated by the separation and tries to begin a new life. Fred is attracted to Maud and tries to seduce her, but meets with resistance. Caro may be falling for Alex, a cop she met during the weekend by the sea. Perhaps the time has come to scatter Olivier’s ashes? Caro doesn’t quite feel ready yet.



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