Clem, Teen Mom - Season 4

Clem - Saison 4

SERIES 5 x 96' in a series totalizing 15 episodes
Comedy drama


A moving and high-rated comedy about being a teen ... and a mom!

Directed by

Joyce Bunuel (Clem, Teen Mom, Salsa)


Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)
Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)
Lucie Lucas


Merlin Productions

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / stéréo / available in hd

Clem was a regular 16-year-old, with parents, friends, a boyfriend... Until she realized she was pregnant and it was too late for an abortion. She told her parents, but even cool and loving Jean-Paul and Caro had trouble dealing with this crisis. Now that Valentin is born, Clem must face a whole new way of life. Now, she has to learn and deal with the realities of motherhood while passing her exams, managing her boyfriend's reluctance to be a dad, her own mom's return to work and keeping an eye on Valentin's pushy other grandmother.


Episode 11 : Don't Worry, Little Sister
When Caroline and Jipe find out that Salome is a victim of bullying at middle school, they think they will be able to solve the problem quickly. But the fact that Jipe is a teacher and Michel is the principal doesn't actually help at all - it makes things worse. And that's not even factoring in the initiatives Caroline takes, with her protective instincts and hot temper! Though Clem also works hard to help her little sister, she also has to fight to protect her relationship with Jerome, which has been shaken up by the return of her ex. And when it comes to exes, with Julien Clem knows exactly what she's dealing with!

Episode 12 : Go Mom! You're the Best!
When Caro's boss steals all the company's money and disappears, she finds herself with no job, no unemployment benefits, and suspected of being an accomplice to a fraudulent bankruptcy! With no paycheck in sight, Caro is just as resourceful as ever, determined to fight to rebuild her career. Then Julien moves in, not only sparking tensions between Clem and Jerome, but making everyone insomniacs since Valentin can't sleep! Hicham and Alyzee give them an ultimatum because the living situation is on the verge of imploding!

Episode 13 : When Mom Goes Off the Rails
Caro, who has taken over the boutique, hides her financial problems from Jipe and turns to excessive drinking as her only comfort. But soon she loses control of everything in unbridled alcohol consumption and lies, to the point of endangering the family and even Valentin! Clem, who has always been supportive of her mother, feels betrayed. Who can tell if the spirit of Christmas at the Brimonts' will be enough to bring the Boissier family together again?

Episode 14: Give Me Back My Daughter!
What a shock when Clem is arrested at her beauty school and accused of being an accomplice to drug dealing! Though she claims she is innocent, the machinery of the police and judicial system kicks into gear and puts her in preventive detention. Separated from Valentin and all her friends and family, Clem loses it. It takes every ounce of love and strength that Caro and Jipe have to fight to get Clem out of prison. For the first time, Julien and Jerome team up to give Clem support and help take care of Valentin.

Episode 15 : My Wife, My Sister and Me
After over five years without seeing her little sister Ines, an irresponsible pest, Caro can't believe her eyes when she comes back... very pregnant! Though Ines exasperates Jipe and Caro, Salome thinks she is "super nice" and becomes intimate friends with her. But what does Ines really expect from Caro and Jipe? Thrown out of beauty school after her ordeal with the justice system, Clem can't pass her certification exams to become an esthetician. But all those trials and tribulations have made her more mature. She refuses to accept the injustice. She's going to fight back!

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