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  •  Just a Breath Away


    Just a Breath Away

    Dans La Brume

    Directed by : Daniel Roby
    Cast : Romain Duris, Olga Kurylenko, Fantine Harduin , Michel Robin

    A father’s courage and determination is pushed to the limit as he fights to save his daughter and escape from disaster-stricken Paris.

  • NEW

    In Your Hands

    Au Bout Des Doigts

    Directed by : Ludovic Bernard & Thomas Hardmeier
    Cast : Jules Benchetrit, Lambert Wilson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Michel Jonasz, Elsa Lepoivre

    A young man from a modest family gets the chance of a lifetime to reveal his hidden talent for piano but can he find the strength and courage to live up to the challenge?

    In Your Hands

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  • Finding Mom

    Directed by : Sébastien Thiéry & Vincent Lo...

  • Let It Snow

    Directed by : Lucien Jean-Baptiste

  • Reinventing Marvin

    Directed by : Anne Fontaine

  • Memoir of Pain

    Directed by : Emmanuel Finkiel

  • Hannah

    Directed by : Andrea Pallaoro

  • Nobody

    Directed by : Florence Quentin

  • All That Divides Us

    Directed by : Thierry Klifa

  • Dr. Knock

    Directed by : Lorraine Lévy

  • Little Spirou

    Directed by : Nicolas Bary

  • Everyday Heroes

    Directed by : Anne-Dauphine Julliand

  • Above The Law

    Directed by : François Troukens & Jean-Fran...

  • Honey Bunny

    Directed by : Fréderic Forestier

  • Back In Business

    Directed by : Gérard Pautonnier

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