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All That Divides Us

Tout nous sépare

Drama / Thriller


A mother and daughter. Drug Dealers. An accidental murder. Two worlds colliding.

Thierry Klifa and Cédric Anger (In The Name of My Daughter, Next Time I’ll Aim for the Heart)

Directed by

Thierry Klifa (Family Hero, I’ve Been Waiting So Long)


Catherine Deneuve (Standing Tall, Potiche, Dancer in The Dark)
Diane Kruger CANNES FILM FESTIVAL WINNER - Best Actress for In The Fade (Inglorious Bastards, Unknown, Farewell My Queen)
Nicolas Duvauchelle (Polisse, Secrets of State)
Samaras Ken Introducing rap singer Nekfeu


Les Films du Kiosque (Standing Tall, Bright Days Ahead), Nolita Cinema (He even has your eyes, Memories)

2017 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Bravely managing her late husband’s shipping business; Louise also takes care of her disabled daughter Julia. After covering up Julia’s accidental murder of her drug-dealing boyfriend, Louise is blackmailed by his best friend Ben, a nice guy turned delinquent in a world of crime and violence. If he doesn’t pay off a dangerous mobster, Ben will be killed. Louise is his only hope. Initially hostile, Louise gets to know Ben and is startled to find that they have more in common than either would expect. Bonds begin to form between him and the two women, especially Louise, who feels odd fascination and respect for her blackmailer. But as their connection deepens and danger gets closer, the line between fear and protection starts to fade. A dark, gripping spiral of violence and attachment.

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GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA (Winner of 2 Oscar Awards for abel and Brokeback Mountain)

JULIEN HIRSH (Cesar Award for Lady Chatterley, In the Name of My Daughter, The Minister)


Official Selection 2017 - FIFF NAMUR

Official Selection 2017 - FONDAZIONE CINEMA Per ROMA

LA BAULE FESTIVAL FILM - Best Film / Best Actors / Best Music


"Loved it. A passionate and brilliant crime drama"

"You ENTHUSIASTICALLY dive into this mysterious story"

"Nekfeu electrifies the big screen"

"A thriller with substance"
Les Inrocks

"Catherine Deneuve rules"

"A success!"

"Nekfeu, a movie HEART THROB, in his first major role"

"A crime drama that knows how to build real tension"
Le Dauphiné Libéré

"Four-star casting in this breathtaking crime drama"
Télé Loisirs

"Perfect casting"
Madame Figaro

"A film that reinvents all the rules"
Bruxelles Bondy Blog

"Diane Kruger, mind-blowing in the role of a depressive, passive woman"
Bruxelles Bondy Blog

"Catherine Deneuve: her portrayal is breathtaking"
Bruxelles Bondy Blog

"An astounding film"
Bruxelles Bondy Blog

"A success"
Le soir

"Nekfeu's presence steals the screen"
Le soir

"Great film, magnificent. Nicolas Duvauchelle is excellent and terrifying"

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