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Little Spirou

Le Petit Spirou

Comedy / Action/Adventure


Forced by family tradition to attend a bellhop school, Little Spirou decides to plan an adventure like no other!

Written by Laurent TURNER (Marsupilami, Second Chance, The Odyssey) et Nicolas BARY

Directed by

Nicolas Bary (The Scapegoat, Trouble at Timpeltill)


Sacha Pinault
Pierre Richard (The Buddies, The Fugitives)
François Damiens (La Famille Bélier, Heartbreaker, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies)
Natacha Régnier (Mood Indigo, Capital, The Dreamlife of Angels)
Gwendolyn Gourvenec
Philippe Katerine (We are Family)
Armelle (The Secret of Arkandias, Neuilly yo mama, Trouble at Timpeltill)


Jean Cottin - Les Films du Cap, Nathanaël La Combe et Nicolas Bary - Les Partenaires Coproducers : Belvision (Belgium), France 2 Cinéma & La Belle Company

Delivery: September 2017

2016 / Original language: French / Color / 2.40 / 5.1

Based on Tome & Janry’s comic books - Published by Dupuis

Like every hero, the intrepid Spirou was once a kid. And when you’re a kid, you have to obey your elders. Like his entire family before him, Little Spirou is destined to become a professional bellboy. So when his mom announces that he’ll be starting bellhop academy next year, Little Spirou decides, with the help of his friends, to make the most out of their last days together, and to confess his undying love to his sweetheart Suzette. To do this, Spirou and his buddies organize an extraordinary adventure that she will never forget!
No doubt remains about why Little Spirou became a journalist adventurer when he grew up