Captain Lawrence Capitaine Lawrence


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    • 108 min - French - 2002
    • Color - 1.66 - Stereo
  • Directed by:

    • Gerard Marx
  • Cast:

    • Maruschka Detmers
    • Laurent Ledoyen
    • Fanny Gilles
  • Produced by:

    • DEMD Productions
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    Photos: TF1 - J-C Roca

  • Synopsis

    When her son is brutally attacked in the street and left in a coma, Natasha Lawrence, a young police captain, finds all her values and believes suddenly put into question.
    The policewoman begins to investigate, but it is soon the mother who is leading the inquiry as well as the policewoman. Her manner quickly bring her into conflict with her fellow police officers and her husband.
    As her son lies in a hospital between life and death, Natasha launches out into a race against time to track down the culprits and save not only her boy’s life but her own as well…