Our Day Will Come Notre jour viendra


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    • Two outcast redheads set off on a roadtrip of hate, violence and self-destruction. The time for revenge has come...
  • Details:

    • 87 min - 'Drama' - 'Road movie' - French
      - 2009
    • Color - Scope - Dolby SR SRD - HD masters available
  • Directed by:

    • Romain Gavras (director of the stunning Justice’s Stress music video)
  • Cast:

    • Vincent Cassel (Mesrine – Best Actor at the Cesar awards 2009, Eastern Promises, Sheitan, Spybound, Irreversible)
    • Olivier Barthelemy (Sheitan)
  • Produced by:

    • Vincent Cassel - 120 Films and Eric Neve - Les Chauves-Souris
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    Photos: © 2010 120 Films - Les Chauves-Souris - TF1 DA / Photo: Kim Chapiron

  • Synopsis

    What do you do when you're a red-haired teenage loser with no friends except for an older guy, your shrink? When everyone hates you, especially your family? When all your peers make fun of you and kick you around?
    The answer: you and your loser buddy blow all the cash you can get your hands on to buy a sportscar, you dress smart and you head for the land of redheads, Ireland. But what starts off as a search for an ideal, gradually escalates into a rampage of hate, violence and self-destruction.

  • Press

    "Our Day Will Come announces the arrival of Romain Gavras as a significant new talent in world cinema."
    "Romain Gavras’ debut feature constantly writhing and twisting itself into new, unexpected shapes."
    "Vincent Cassel turns in an absolutely bravura performance."
    "Not quite a genre film, not quite an arthouse film, Our Day Will Come is a powerful hybrid with a unique, sharply focused eye and a restlessly misanthropic sense of creativity."

    "Gavras relies on Cassel’s contagious anarchic energy to which Barthelemy responds in style, to drive his tale to an inconclusive but highly symbolical ending."
    "Those who found Hate
    (La Haine) to be significant and symptomatic, will be no less enthusiastic this time."

    "Vincent Cassel offers apocalyptic comfort in Our Day Will Come."
    "Strangely unshakable."
    "Stunty and divorced from serious feeling with a strong sense of euphoria and escape."

    “A modern film that navigates between chic formalism and misanthropic originality.”

    “Our Day Will Come is a dark version of Going Places
    (Les Valseuses).”

    “A fantastic duo: Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthelemy make an amazing team.”

    “A film that packs a punch.”

    “Vincent Cassel is exceptional as an instrument of evil – funny, wicked and full of humoristic insanity.”

    “A film that surprises with its unpredictability, its uninhibited humor and Vincent Cassel’s excellent performance as a sociopathic right-wing anarchist.”

    “A radical road movie where nihilism rears its head, crowned with absurd, nasty humor and mute desperation.”
    PREMIERE ****

    "Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthélémy shine in this Going Places of the 21st century."

    “Explosive directing, inspired music, disheveled romanticism.”
    “Our Day Will Come has unmistakable airs of Going Places
    (Les Valseuses) revamped with cynicism and trashy humor.”

    “Our Day Will Come has unmistakable airs of Going Places
    (Les Valseuses) revamped with cynicism and trashy humor.”

  • Awards

    Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2011
    People’s Choice Award

    Toronto Film Festival 2010