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  • Awards:

    • A hot young Wall Street trader finds a formula based on climatology to play the market and win big… but at what cost?
  • Details:

    • 87 min - 'Crime / Investigation / Thriller' -
      'Drama' - French and English - 2009
    • Color - scope - SR-SRD - HD masters available
  • Directed by:

    • Fabrice Genestal (The Squale – nomination for Best First Work at the Cesar Awards 2001)
  • Cast:

    • Gilles Lellouche (Mesrine part 1, Tell No One, Anthony Zimmer, Gustave Klopp)
    • Vahina Giocante (Inside Ring, Secrets of State)
    • Michael Madsen (Sin City 1 & 2, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Die Another Day)
    • Charles Berling (Spybound)
    • Lisa Ray
  • Produced by:

    • Cine Nomine in coproduction with Caramel and Versus Production
  • Medias:

  • Photos

    Photos: Jan Thigis

  • Synopsis

    Wall Street, early 2008.
    Hot young French trader Erwan, realizes that the work of Sybille, a climate researcher, applies to market fluctuations and can be used for financial predictions. He risks testing the theory at the firm for which he works. But, as his superiors don’t give him enough time for positive results to show, Erwan takes a huge loss. He is then fired.
    With the help of Sybille and a handful of people who believe in him, he launches his own company and starts to win big. Very, very big. Until…

  • Crew

    Pierre Forette and Thierry Wong – Cine Nomine
    (The Squale, President, Cartagena)
    in coproduction with André Rouleau – Caramel
    (Mesrine 1, An American Haunting)
    and Jacques-Henri and Olivier Bronckart - Versus Production
    (Days of Glory)

    Pascal Rabaud
    (Paris, I Love You, The End of Violence)
  • Press

    "A prophetic film"
    "A must-see film, to immerse oneself into the world of modern finance, perfectly embodied by Michael Madsen as a cynical and lecherous trading floor manager."

    "An engaging portrait of a man, drunk with profit."

    “We went… nuts for it!”
    “Very well documented, this thriller about the financial planet gives one the creeps.”

    “A tight screenplay
    (written by frogs) that seriously resembles an American film.”

    “Surfing on current events, director Fabrice Genestal gives us a captivating film about the land of finance”
    MAXI's pick

    “Michael Madsen once again lights up the screen, playing a ruthless bad boy.”

    “The film is short, sharp and scathing… A brilliant parable about a system without a pilot.”
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