Ties of Blood Les liens du sang


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  • Awards:

    • An unscrupulous lawyer defends his son. Is his client an innocent victim or a manipulative monster?
  • Details:

    • 2 x 60 min or 122 min - 'Crime
      / Investigation / Thriller' - French - 2007
    • Color - 1.77 - stereo
  • Author:

  • Directed by:

    • Régis Musset
  • Cast:

    • Pierre Arditi
    • Ivan Gonzalez
  • Produced by:

    • Merlin Productions
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    • Completed
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    Photos: TF1 - JC Roca

  • Synopsis

    When young Alexandre Landrin is charged with the murder of his rich mistress, he asks Antoine Meyer, a one-time criminal attorney who is now a ruthlessly successful corporate lawyer, to defend him.
    Antoine is surprised. He doesn't know the accused until he realizes he may be his own son. Convinced by Alexandre's sincerity, Antoine accepts the case.
    But nothing is clear in this case and Antoine finds his own convictions slowly crumbling…
    Is his client an innocent victim of tragic circumstances, or a manipulative monster?

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